Scion Exchange 2012!

The scion exchange for 2012 is past. If you missed it and still want to try grafting, check the calendar page for scion exchanges at other chapters! I know I had a great time watching all the activity, and people very excited about finding the right piece of wood. I hope all who participated found just what they wanted!


About scvcrfg

Santa Clara Valley chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers.
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2 Responses to Scion Exchange 2012!

  1. Robert Farwell says:

    I joined crfg 12-28-2011. I’ve been told I should join the local chapter as well. I see no phone number, no application form on your website. Can you help me? Thank you. Robert Farwell (408) 266-5370

    • scvcrfg says:

      Look at the website again… There are various pages listed across the bottom of the heading picture: Home, About, Calendar/Activities…..Membership! If you click on the word Membership, you will find the information for joining if you scroll down!

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