Greenwood Scion Exchange

Our February meeting will include a green scion exchange. This is different from the dormant scion exchange in that it requires contributions in order to be a success! Members who bring scion wood get to pick out what they want first!! Green scions can be collected from your healthy citrus, passion fruit, loquat, avocado, and macademia. Make sure the pieces you bring are one year old wood, clean, trimmed of excess growth, and about 12 inches long. Citrus would should be round rather than triangular in cross section! Place the cut pieces in a plastic bag with a spritz of water to keep them fresh!


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Santa Clara Valley chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers.
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2 Responses to Greenwood Scion Exchange

  1. Sabrina says:


    I am a new member and new to the grafting as well. Please educate me about what this mean “Citrus would should be round rather than triangular in cross section”. Round??

    • scvcrfg says:

      If you cut off a small young branch and look directly at the cut, holding the branch straight away from you, the area of the cut will look either round, or triangular depending on the age of the piece of wood.

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