February 2013 Events

February 9, 2013:  Bi-monthly meeting at Emma Prusch Park in San Jose.  Open to all.  Meeting starts at 1:00.  Come early for chatting and snacking. We will be having our annual greenwood scion exchange! We will have several varieties of citrus buds available. They have been purchased from the University of California and are guaranteed disease free. We will be charging a nominal fee for 3 buds in order to cover the cost of ordering. No other citrus may be brought into the exchange. Other common greenwood includes such things as fejoa, avocado, loquat, and passion fruit. We also will be having citrus grafting demonstrations. This meeting would be a great time to bring dormant scion wood you have properly stored or freshly harvested, that someone else might be looking for! Or if you have a potted plant you no longer want…. in exchange for something else another person brings…..

Citrus Scions:  In case you happen to check the website before the meeting, I just prepared all the scions as best I could. Each stick has 3 to 7 buds or so depending on the size and quality of the received wood. In order to try and meet the cost of ordering the wood, each stick will sell for $1.00. Bring singles if you can.
Here again is the list of what I ordered, based mostly on suggestions from the group…Cocktail Grapefruit, Buddha Hand Citron, Fukamoto Navel, Midknight Valencia, Kiyomi Tangor, Cara Cara Navel, Pink Eureka Lemon, Thornless Mexican Lime, Bream Torocco Blood Orange, Aoshima Satsuma, Nordman Nagami, Xie Shan Satsuma, Clementine de Nules Mandarin, Finger Lime


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Santa Clara Valley chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers.
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2 Responses to February 2013 Events

  1. Dana says:

    Hi –
    Is it possible to find out the varieties of citrus buds that will be available? Thank you.

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