October 2015 Events

October 4, 2015:  Sunday orchard work party in the heritage orchard at Prusch Park. Everyone welcome. Please come and help in the maintenance of our orchard. Learn from the pros! Yummy snacks provided. Time 9:00 to 11:00.

October 10, 2015: Bi-monthly meeting at Emma Prusch Park in San Jose. Open to all. Meeting starts at 1:00. Come early for chatting and snacking.  Neil Collins of Trees of Antiquity was unable to come. Presentation will be with Timothy Philen. He and his wife, Sherryl are developing a high-density two-acre organic heirloom orchard know as Philen Pharms in a high chill canyon above Santa Monica.
Tim, a self-described “heirloom fruit evangelist,” will share how his exclusive relationship with the chefs of the Four Seasons hotels is allowing him to introduce guests from around the world to the joys of the wonderful, centuries-old tastes of heirloom apples, pears, peaches, plums, persimmons and grapes.
His experiences may also serve as a template for other CRFG members who want to monetize their “magnificent obsession” to help cover costs, and add the joy of sharing these great heirloom tastes with a world that is starving for the intensity and variety of artisan grown and tree- and vine-ripened heirloom fruits.


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Santa Clara Valley chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers.
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