January 2017 Events

January 14, 2017: Annual Scion Exchange! Event opens at 10:00 for members, and at 11:00 for the public. We will stay open until about 3:00, but come early if you can! This event is free of charge, but donations are accepted! Signs will be out to help you find the Multi-Cultural Center at Emma Prusch Park. If you have not paid up membership in advance, we will have someone available to help you!

At the scion exchange you will find scion wood, and cuttings for rooting, for many types of deciduous fruiting trees, as well as some shrubs  and vines. Come prepared for the best results! Bring tape or tags for labeling your selections, and bags to place them in. Lists of what you are looking for can help to guide you. There will be CRFG members ready to help with your questions.

While this is an “exchange” you are not required to bring scion wood. If you have a tree at home with delectable fruit, and you would like to share some wood, please bring a labeled bag of scions that are pencil thick, and 10 or so inches long. We try to make sure that we do not share wood of varieties that are still under patent. If you have a question about what you might bring, please show someone with a name tag, and we can check for you!

Also available will be a table of supplies for grafting if you would like to purchase something. There will also be two grafting demonstrations to help insure your success with the wood you take home!

See you there!


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Santa Clara Valley chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers.
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