The CRFG Library is a collection of books and periodicals that have been donated by members. The list of books is in a database on the CRFG Yahoo Groups page. As of March 2011, we have about 300 books, on vegetable, fruit and flower growing, as well as a few cookbooks; these include popular books as well as more scholarly works.

The library is physically located on the first floor of the Le Fevre House in Prusch Park (a light brown building behind the white Farmhouse park office building). The library is open on the mornings of CRFG meetings, usually from 12 noon-12:30 pm (the exact time will be announced by email about a week before the meeting), or by appointment.  If you would like to make an appointment, email Martha:

If you have donations, please bring them to the library when it is open. We welcome any printed matter with information relevant to the growing of fruits and vegetables in Santa Clara County.


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  1. nancy Garrison says:

    Are we going to have a list of our books and pubs on this website? Until we have a list to peruse, they remain a mystery and won’t be utilized much.

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