Membership to the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the CRFG is open to all fruit enthusiasts! New and inexperienced, or long-time growers.

You must be a member of the State CRFG in order to join the local Santa Clara Valley CRFG chapter.  The State CRFG is our “parent” organization, and provides insurance to members at our events. State members receive the “Fruit Gardener” magazine and are eligible to attend the annual “Festival of Fruits”.  Members of the State CRFG also get first selection at the yearly scion exchange.  Select the link below and enroll online or mail in your payment.

Once you have joined the State, please contact our membership coordinator to join the local Santa Clara Valley Chapter of CRFG


Members of the local chapter are invited to join the conversation at our yahoo group. Chapter members may also participate in member only tour events. Local membership runs from January 1st to December 31st at a cost of $10/year.  Members may pay ahead for multiple years.


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