Rose Petal Jam

Recipe from Lucie Hupp’s Gardening Without Tears- the Diary of a Fancy Dirt Gardener

Gather freshly opened roses that have not been sprayed with an insecticide. (Shake out
that stray aphid or spider.) The white base of the rose petal contains a bitter substance and
must be removed. Grasp all of the petals, pulling them from the stem, and snip all of the
white tips at one time using a pair of kitchen scissors. Prepare one cup of packed Petals
(it won’t hurt to have more).

Put the petals in a blender. Then add:

¾ cup water
Juice and pulp of one large lemon
Blend at high speed while adding:
2 ½ cups of sugar, ½ cup at a time
Put ¾ cup water and one package of powdered pectin in a small saucepan and boil for
one minute, stirring well. Add this to the blender and blend thoroughly. Allow the
mixture to settle a moment; then pour into small sterilized jars (baby food jars with caps
are good). Seal and allow to stand six hours to set; then put into the freezer. The jam
will keep for one month in the refrigerator.

Any fragrant rose may be used. If you have only white or yellow petals, you’ll get a sort
of honey-colored jam unless you want to use a bit of red food coloring. This jam calls for
hot biscuits and butter, or good, homemade bread.

Becky’s Note: Lucie also made sweet violet jam in this same way… / also, the rose
petals may be frozen and used later, especially useful when they aren’t blooming all
at once.